Shelby County Athletic League

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Golf All-League

2020-21 First Team

Adam Ballas, So., Fort Loramie (POY)
Bryce Cobb, Jr., Anna
Jameson Meyer, Jr., Botkins
Matt Mullen, Jr., Fairlawn
Kyle Peters, Sr., Fairlawn
Jack Dietz, Jr., Botkins

2020-21 Second Team

Ross Fiessinger, So., Russia
Carson Regula, Jr., Jackson Center
Carter Gordon, Jr., Anna
Spencer McClay, Sr., Anna
Aiden Wehrman, So., Fort Loramie
J.J. Meyer, Fr., Botkins

2020-21 Honorable Mention

Jaydon Wendel, Jr., Botkins
Ethan Lukey, Fr., Houston
Collin Walker, Sr., Houston
Drew Sherman, Sr., Russia
Jackson Jones, Sr., Fairlawn
Carson Barhorst, Sr., Fort Loramie

2019-20 First Team

Adam Ballas, Fr., Fort Loramie (POY)
Bryce Cobb, So., Anna
Zach Pleiman, Sr., Fort Loramie
Christopher Elchert, Sr., Jackson Center
Cole Maurer, Sr., Anna
Caeleb Meyer, Jr., Fort Loramie

2019-20 Second Team

Kyle Peters, Jr., Fairlawn
Jameson Meyer, So., Botkins
Alex Bajwa, Sr., Botkins
Jordan Rizzo, Sr., Jackson Center
Collin Walker, Jr., Houston
Carter Gordon, So., Anna

2019-20 Honorable Mention

Drew Sherman, Jr., Russia
Bryce Havener, Sr., Anna
Isaac Cisco, So., Botkins
Carson Barhorst, Jr., Fort Loramie
Jackson Jones, Jr., Fairlawn
Spencer McClay, Jr., Anna
Devin Ratermann, Jr., Fort Loramie

2018-19 First Team

Nick Fischio, Sr., Botkins (POY)
Zach Pleiman, Jr., Fort Loramie
Cole Maurer, Jr., Anna
Bryce Cobb, Fr., Anna
Mitchell Puthoff, Sr., Fort Loramie
Trent Platfoot, Sr., Jackson Center

2018-19 Second Team

Eli Rosengarten, Sr., Fort Loramie
Bryce Havenar, Jr., Anna
Christopher Elchert, Jr., Jackson Center
T.J. Esser, Sr., Jackson Center
Jordan Rizzo, Jr., Jackson Center
Cole Pitchford, Jr., Houston

2018-19 Honorable Mention

Alex Bajwa, Jr., Botkins
Lucas Poeppelman, Sr., Anna
Devin Ratermann, So., Fort Loramie
Caeleb Meyer, So., Fort Loramie
Kyle Peters, So., Fairlawn
Carter Gordon, Fr., Anna

2017-18 First Team

Nick Fischio, Jr., Botkins (POY)
Mason Platfoot, Sr., Anna
Eli Kuck, Sr., Anna
Zach Pleiman, So., Fort Loramie
Bryce Sosby, Sr., Jackson Center
Jack Dapore, Sr., Russia

2017-18 Second Team

Mitchell Puthoff, Jr., Fort Loramie
Craig Eilerman, Sr., Fort Loramie
Shea Swick, Sr., Fort Loramie
Eli Rosengarten, Jr., Fort Loramie
Bryan Funk, Sr., Houston
Isaac Cain, Sr., Anna

2017-18 Honorable Mention

Cole Maurer, So., Anna
Cameron Via, Sr., Houston
Trent Platfoot, Jr., Jackson Center
Will Sherman, Jr., Russia
Jared Middendorf, Jr., Fort Loramie
Coltin Rose, Sr., Jackson Center

2016-17 First Team

Brad Gottemoeller, Sr., Fort Loramie (POY)
Zach Watren, Sr., Anna
Eli Kuck, Jr., Anna
Mason Jones, Sr., Fairlawn
Nick Fischio, So., Botkins
Jack Dapore, Jr., Russia

2016-17 Second Team

Bryce Sosby, Jr., Jackson Center
Nathan Lessing, Sr., Fairlawn
Josh Miller, Sr., Botkins
Mason Platfoot, Jr., Anna
Dylan Cordonnier, Sr., Russia
Jacob Caldwell, Sr., Fairlawn

2016-17 Honorable Mention

Zach Pleiman, Fr., Fort Loramie
Craig Eilerman, Jr., Fort Loramie
Kody Curtner, Sr., Fairlawn
Evan Bensman, Jr., Anna
Trent Platfoot, So., Jackson Center
Shea Swick, Jr., Fort Loramie