Shelby County Athletic League

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Baseball All-League

2018-19 First Team

Jared Middendorf, Sr., Fort Loramie (POY)
Jarred Seigle, Sr., Anna
Carter Mescher, Sr., Fort Loramie
CJ Billing, Sr., Fort Loramie
Daniel Kearns, Sr., Russia
Ben Barhorst, Sr., Fort Loramie
Wil Luthman, Jr., Anna
Nathan Raterman, Sr., Fort Loramie
Howie Ludwig, Sr., Houston

2018-19 Second Team

Jacob Francis, Sr., Jackson Center
Evan Monnier, Sr., Russia
Carson Regula, Fr., Jackson Center
Eli Rosengarten, Sr., Fort Loramie
Carter Elliott, Sr., Anna
Tristen Burns, Jr., Botkins
Devin Wehrman, Sr., Fort Loramie
Cole Maurer, Jr., Anna
Doug Wright, Sr., Fairlawn

2018-19 Honorable Mention

Kyle Evans, So., Anna
Spencer Heuker, Sr., Botkins
Jack Liesner, Sr., Botkins
Jordan Lessing, So., Fairlawn
Shane Hilgefort, Sr., Fort Loramie
Darren Hoying, So., Fort Loramie
Luke Foster, Sr., Houston
John Leist, Sr., Houston
Aidan Reichert, So., Jackson Center
Carter Francis, Sr., Russia
Will Sherman, Sr., Russia

2017-18 First Team

Hunter Cohee, Sr., Russia (POY)
Dylan Albers, Sr., Fort Loramie
Zach White, Sr., Anna
Jacob Francis, Jr., Jackson Center
Jared Middendorf, Jr., Fort Loramie
Derek Coverstone, Sr., Anna
Dion Puthoff, Sr., Russia
Howie Ludwig, Jr., Houston
Carter Mescher, Jr., Fort Loramie

2017-18 Second Team

Aidan Endsley, Sr., Anna
Daniel Kearns, Jr., Russia
Nick Buettner, Sr., Botkins
CJ Billing, Jr., Fort Loramie
Carter Elliott, Jr., Anna
Carter Francis, Jr., Russia
Jack Dapore, Sr., Russia
Bryce Sosby, Sr., Jackson Center
Nathan Raterman, Jr., Fort Loramie

2017-18 Honorable Mention

Caleb Kauffman, Sr., Anna
Seth Stiefel, Sr., Anna
Jarred Seigle, Jr., Anna
Tristen Burns, So., Botkins
Doug Wright, Jr., Fairlawn
Jordan Lessing, Fr., Fairlawn
Mike Hoying, Sr., Fort Loramie
Brennan Arnold, So., Houston
Will Sherman, Jr., Russia

2016-17 First Team

Hunter Cohee, Jr., Russia (POY)
Colin Wuebker, Sr., Anna
Drew Sherman, Sr., Russia
Daniel Berning, Sr., Fort Loramie
Nathan Frilling, Sr., Anna
Aidan Endsley, Jr., Anna
Dylan Hensley, Sr., Houston
Kevin Drees, Sr., Russia
Carter Siegel, Sr., Fort Loramie

2016-17 Second Team

Zach White, Jr., Anna
Dion Puthoff, Jr., Russia
Alex Jutte, Sr., Botkins
Jared Middendorf, So., Fort Loramie
Dylan Albers, Jr., Fort Loramie
Eli Rosengarten, So., Fort Loramie
Derek Coverstone, Jr., Anna
Brady Wildermuth, Sr., Jackson Center
Jack Dapore, Jr., Russia

2016-17 Honorable Mention

Mitchell Lindsey, Sr., Anna
Alex Bergman, Sr., Botkins
Luke Bergman, Sr., Botkins
Nick Buettner, Jr., Botkins
Jared Hina, Sr., Fairlawn
Ben Barhorst, So., Fort Loramie
CJ Billing, So., Fort Loramie
Isaiah Beaver, Sr., Houston
Howie Ludwig, So., Houston
Corbin Murphy, So., Jackson Center
Clay George, Sr., Russia
Daniel Kearns, So., Russia
Evan Monnier, So., Russia