Shelby County Athletic League

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Girls Basketball All-League

2019-20 First Team

Dana Rose, Jr., Fort Loramie (POY)
Ella Doseck, Jr., Anna
Marissa Meiring, Sr., Fort Loramie
Ava Sholtis, So., Fort Loramie
Carmen Heuker, So., Botkins

2019-20 Second Team

Lauren Barhorst, Sr., Anna
Kenzie Hoelscher, Jr., Fort Loramie
Ashley Scott, Jr., Russia
MaCalla Huelskamp, Sr., Fairlawn
Taylor Ratermann, Sr., Fort Loramie

2019-20 Honorable Mention

Michaela Ambos, Sr., Anna
Kiplyn Rowland, Sr., Anna
Aleah Johnson, So., Botkins
Boston Paul, So., Botkins
Lonna Heath, So., Fairlawn
Amber Stangel, Jr., Houston
Megan Maier, So., Houston
Olivia Moorman, Sr., Russia
Jessica York, Sr., Russia

2018-19 First Team

Marissa Meiring, Jr., Fort Loramie (POY)
Laurissa Poling, Sr., Russia
Dana Rose, So., Fort Loramie
Lauren Barhorst, Jr., Anna
Jenna Cordonnier, Sr., Russia

2018-19 Second Team

Kenzie Hoelscher, So., Fort Loramie
Ella Doseck, So., Anna
Jess Monnier, Sr., Houston
Lauren Dudgeon, Sr., Fairlawn
Carmen Heuker, Fr., Botkins

2018-19 Honorable Mention

Breah Kuck, Sr., Anna
Kiplyn Rowland, Jr., Anna
MaCalla Huelskamp, Jr., Fairlawn
Lonna Heath, Fr., Fairlawn
Kennedi Gephart, Jr., Fort Loramie
Taylor Ratermann, Jr., Fort Loramie
Katie Sosby, Sr., Jackson Center

2017-18 First Team

Sarah Bergman, Sr., Botkins (POY)
Macey Huelskamp, Sr., Anna
Laurissa Poling, Jr., Russia
Marissa Meiring, So., Fort Loramie
Abby Holthaus, Sr., Fort Loramie

2017-18 Second Team

Jenna Cordonnier, Jr., Russia
Olivia Clark, Sr., Jackson Center
Jess Monnier, Jr., Houston
Kennadie Reese, Sr., Jackson Center
Paige Lane, Sr., Botkins

2017-18 Honorable Mention

Breah Kuck, Jr., Anna
Ella Doseck, Fr., Anna
Lauren Dudgeon, Jr., Fairlawn
Hattie Meyer, Sr., Fort Loramie
Taylor Ratermann, So., Fort Loramie
Whitney Pleiman, Sr., Russia
Cameo Wilson, Sr., Russia

2016-17 First Team

Maria Herron, Sr., Russia (POY)
Sarah Bergman, Jr., Botkins
Cassie Meyer, Sr., Jackson Center
Reyan Frey, Sr., Fort Loramie
Paige Lane, Jr., Botkins

2016-17 Second Team

Macey Huelskamp, Jr., Anna
Laurissa Poling, So., Russia
Kennadie Reese, Jr., Jackson Center
Sara Stang, Sr., Fort Loramie
Tiffany Hatcher, Sr., Russia

2016-17 Honorable Mention

Breah Kuck, So., Anna
Jenna Pitts, Sr., Botkins
Lauren Dudgeon, So., Fairlawn
Sarah Monnier, Jr., Houston
Jess Monnier, So., Houston
Kamryn Elchert, Sr., Jackson Center
Olivia Clark, Jr., Jackson Center
Cameo Wilson, Jr., Russia