Shelby County Athletic League

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Softball All-League

2018-19 First Team

Aleah Frilling, Sr., Fort Loramie (POY)
Olivia Place, Sr., Anna
Jenna Cordonnier, Sr., Russia
Emilee Foster, Sr., Houston
Clara Gephart, So., Fort Loramie
Shea Borchers, Sr., Russia
Allisen Foster, Jr., Houston
Carey White, Jr., Anna
Riley Hammonds, Fr., Russia

2018-19 Second Team

Courtney Sutton, Jr., Botkins
Desiree' Fogt, Jr., Fort Loramie
Elaina Crosson, Sr., Anna
Olivia Moorman, Jr., Russia
Renee Gent, Sr., Fairlawn
Macy Imwalle, Jr., Fort Loramie
Peyton New, Fr., Houston
Ashley Mullenhour, So., Jackson Center
Taylor Spence, Sr., Anna

2018-19 Honorable Mention

Grace Maurer, Sr., Anna
Maggie Buettner, Jr., Botkins
Haley Payne, So., Botkins
Lauren Dudgeon, Sr., Fairlawn
Aubrey Baker, Fr., Fort Loramie
Olivia Bowser, Sr., Houston
Kennedy Jackson, So., Jackson Center
Riley Jackson, Sr., Jackson Center
Kennedie Goubeaux, Sr., Russia
Ashley Scott, So., Russia
Sophie Francis, Fr., Russia

2017-18 First Team

Grace Saunders, Sr., Russia (POY)
Olivia Place, Jr., Anna
Aleah Frilling, Jr., Fort Loramie
Lauren Monnin, Sr., Russia
Rebekah New, Sr., Houston
Macey Richard, Sr., Anna
Kylee Sherman, Sr., Russia
Clara Gephart, Fr., Fort Loramie
Connor Pipke, Sr., Jackson Center

2017-18 Second Team

Sarah Monnier, Sr., Houston
Lexi Monnin, Jr., Russia
Riley Osborn, Sr., Anna
Emilee Foster, Jr., Houston
Elaina Crosson, Jr., Anna
Heather Eilerman, Sr., Fort Loramie
Courtney Sutton, So., Botkins
Morgan Holscher, Sr., Fort Loramie
Renee Gent, Jr., Fairlawn

2017-18 Honorable Mention

Carey White, So., Anna
Skylar Jones, Jr., Fairlawn
Abby Holthaus, Sr., Fort Loramie
Macy Imwalle, So., Fort Loramie
Brooklyn Felver, Sr., Houston
Allisen Foster, So., Houston
Bryanna Davis, Sr., Jackson Center
Claudia Counts, Sr., Russia
Shea Borchers, Jr., Russia
Jenna Cordonnier, Jr., Russia

2016-17 First Team

Maria Herron, Sr., Russia (POY)
Grace Saunders, Jr., Russia
Macey Richard, Jr., Anna
Jenna Jarrett, Sr., Houston
Sarah Monnier, Jr., Houston
Megan Koppin, Sr., Fort Loramie
Abby Holthaus, Jr., Fort Loramie
Maddie Borchers, Sr., Russia
Olivia Place, So., Anna

2016-17 Second Team

Lexi Monnin, So., Russia
Camryn Hoehne, Sr., Jackson Center
Riley Osborn, Jr., Anna
Elaina Crosson, So., Anna
Addie White, So., Houston
Cassie Meyer, Sr., Jackson Center
Aleah Frilling, So., Fort Loramie
Olivia Bowser, So., Houston
Courtney Sutton, Fr., Botkins

2016-17 Honorable Mention

Taylor Spence, So., Anna
Mikayla Place, Sr., Botkins
Ashleigh Gibson, Jr., Botkins
Madison Pierce, So., Fairlawn
Arizonia McCormick, Fr., Fairlawn
Morgan Holscher, Jr., Fort Loramie
Connor Pipke, Jr., Jackson Center
Katelyn Sosby, So., Jackson Center
Katie Swartz, Sr., Russia
Lauren Monnin, Jr., Russia
Shea Borchers, So., Russia
Jenna Cordonnier, So., Russia