Shelby County Athletic League

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Volleyball All-League

2020-21 First Team

McKenzie Hoelscher, Sr., Fort Loramie (POY)
Maya Maurer, Sr., Fort Loramie
Kendall Monnin, Sr., Russia
Ashley Scott, Sr., Russia
Ashley Mullenhour, Sr., Jackson Center
Mary Landis, Sr., Anna

2020-21 Second Team

Sarah Clark, Jr., Jackson Center
Kate Sherman, So., Russia
Jada Drees, Jr., Fort Loramie
Paige Doseck, Sr., Botkins
Jessie Abke, Jr., Fairlawn
Megan Maier, Jr., Houston

2020-21 Honorable Mention

Kaitlyn Harris, Jr., Anna
Maidson Jeffries, Jr., Anna
Taylor Lessing, Jr., Fairlawn
Addison Swearingen, Fr., Fairlawn
Hannah Raterman, Sr., Fort Loramie
Katie Clark, Sr., Jackson Center
Shia Akers, Jr., Jackson Center
CeCe Borchers, So., Russia
Miah Monnin, So., Russia

2019-20 First Team

McKenzie Hoelscher, Jr., Fort Loramie (POY)
Ashley Scott, Jr., Russia
Macy Wiktorowski, Sr., Anna
Maya Maurer, Jr., Fort Loramie
Deja Wells, Jr., Jackson Center
Kendall Monnin, Jr., Russia

2019-20 Second Team

Jessie Abke, So., Fairlawn
Mary Landis, Jr., Anna
Marissa Meiring, Sr., Fort Loramie
Katie Clark, Jr., Jackson Center
Jessica York, Sr., Russia
Paige Doseck, Jr., Botkins

2019-20 Honorable Mention

Lauren Barhorst, Sr., Anna
Lonna Heath, So., Fairlawn
Taylor Lessing, So., Fairlawn
Ava Sholtis, So., Fort Loramie
Allisen Foster, Sr., Houston
Megan Maier, So., Houston
Sarah Clark, So., Jackson Center
Kate Sherman, Fr., Russia

2018-19 First Team

Raquel Kessler, Sr., Jackson Center (POY)
Laurissa Poling, Sr., Russia
Emma Meyer, Sr., Anna
Lexi Wells, Sr., Anna
Katelyn Sosby, Sr., Jackson Center
Jenna Cordonnier, Sr., Russia

2018-19 Second Team

Marissa Meiring, Jr., Fort Loramie
Caroline Frieders, Sr., Jackson Center
Macy Wiktorowski, Jr., Anna
Ashley Scott, So., Russia
Lauren Dudgeon, Sr., Fairlawn
Emily Austin, Sr., Fort Loramie

2018-19 Honorable Mention

Abby Counts, Sr., Anna
Janell Greve, Sr., Botkins
Jessie Abke, Fr., Fairlawn
Taylor Lessing, Fr., Fairlawn
Ava Sholtis, Fr., Fort Loramie
Olivia Bowser, Sr., Houston
Alyssa Kemp, Sr., Houston
Elizabeth Hickey, Jr., Jackson Center
Kendall Monnin, So., Russia

2017-18 First Team

Raquel Kessler, Jr., Jackson Center (POY)
Emma Meyer, Jr., Anna
Whitney Pleiman, Sr., Russia
Sophia Albers, Sr., Fort Loramie
Lexi Wells, Jr., Anna
Laurissa Poling, Jr., Russia

2017-18 Second Team

Katelyn Sosby, Jr., Jackson Center
Marissa Meiring, So., Fort Loramie
Carly Becker, Sr., Anna
Sarah Monnier, Sr., Houston
Danielle Schwartz, Sr., Botkins
Macy Wiktorowski, So., Anna

2017-18 Honorable Mention

Ashley Landis, Sr., Anna
Emily Austin, Jr., Fort Loramie
McKenzie Hoelscher, Fr., Fort Loramie
Jessica Monnier, Jr., Houston
Connor Pipke, Sr., Jackson Center
Caroline Frieders, Jr., Jackson Center
Lexi Monnin, Sr., Russia
Cameo Wilson, Sr., Russia
Jenna Cordonnier, Jr., Russia

2016-17 First Team

Cassie Meyer, Sr., Jackson Center (POY)
Caleigh Barhorst, Sr., Fort Loramie
Audrey Francis, Sr., Fairlawn
Camryn Hoehne, Sr., Jackson Center
Krista Gehret, Sr., Anna
Alicia Kessler, Sr., Jackson Center

2016-17 Second Team

Whitney Pleiman, Jr., Russia
Sarah Bergman, Jr., Botkins
Emma Meyer, So., Anna
Christen Ware, Sr., Jackson Center
Taylor Ernst, Sr., Fort Loramie
Maeve Hilgefort, Sr., Fort Loramie

2016-17 Honorable Mention

Kennedey Glover, Sr., Anna
Jenna Pitts, Sr., Botkins
Chelsie Brautigam, Sr., Fairlawn
Sara Stang, Sr., Fort Loramie
Kamryn Elchert, Sr., Jackson Center
Vanessa Winner, Sr., Jackson Center
Christina Gaerke, Sr., Russia
Laurissa Poling, So., Russia